Return to Jukasa Tops Ohio’s Albert Francis’ Plans for 2019

Photo by: Dan Little Jr. Photography

PAINESVILLE, OH – Ohio product 17 year old Albert Francis has confirmed his family-operated team will return to Jukasa Motor Speedway this Summer as part of the $10,000-to-win Outlaw Shootout on Saturday August 31st.

The event is expected to draw the best Outlaw-bodied Super Late Model competitors from across Ontario and the Midwest, with Francis hoping to claim the win and bring the title back home to the buckeye state.

“I think as soon as we were rolling down the highway (after leaving Jukasa last August), we knew that we were going to find a way to get back there,” says Francis. “We didn’t have a great showing in our debut, so there’s an extra bit of motivation there for us to come back and show the rest of these teams just how strong we can be.”

While Francis’ results in the inaugural event last Summer were crippled by a broken header suffered late in the race, there’s no question that Jukasa’s facility, staff and competitors left a lasting impression on the young racer.

“It was the smoothest track I’ve ever been on and some of the best staff I’ve ever interacted with at a speedway,” voiced Francis. “I hope the Ontario fans understand what a gem they have there. I’d race there every week if I could. This is the race I’m most looking forward to (in 2019) because of how nice the speedway is and how well the facility is run.”

While Francis’ Jukasa debut was hampered by a header issue, his problems actually began during a testing session early in the day that nearly threw a wrench into his team’s plans altogether.

“We broke a drive shaft in our primary car when we started testing – so right away that forced us to a backup car,” explains the well-spoken youngster. “We scrambled as best we could. And, I feel like we had a real shot at a top-5 before breaking.”

Now, with his program regrouped and equipment repaired, Francis is laser-focused on crafting his retribution story in August.

“We want a bounce-back race more than you could believe. I’m excited to show off just how good our program is when we unload at Jukasa this Summer. I know that we’ll have a chance at a win – no question about it.”