Ray Morneau Prepared for Long-Awaited APC United Late Model Series Debut this Saturday

Ray Morneau

WINDSOR, ON – Former Flat Rock Speedway Street Stock winner Ray Morneau will make his much anticipated APC United Late Model Series start this Saturday, as the series rolls into Jukasa Motor Speedway for Round 3 of its 2019 schedule.

The 100-lap event will be Morneau’s second career appearance at Jukasa, after racing in the Limited Late Model portion of ‘Fall Brawl’ last October.

“This is definitely one of those races where you understand right away just how big of a deal it is,” explains Morneau. “I don’t need anybody to spell it out for me. Jukasa is the hottest track in the province right now and the APC Series is the tour that everybody wants to be racing with these days. It’s a huge opportunity to be a part of Saturday’s show.”

For Morneau – who has spent the first month of the season racing weekly at Delaware Speedway – a foray into APC Series action represents a sizable step-up in both competition and pressure.

“This’ll be the biggest test we’ve had yet there’s no doubt,” admits the well-spoken teenager. “We’re a much smaller operation than a lot of the teams on the (APC Series) roster so we know that we’re going to have to work like crazy to give ourselves a fighting chance. We may not have the same budget or manpower but we want this every bit as much as anybody.”

“A big run on Saturday could give us a lot of confidence for the second-half of the season. Jukasa is a special place and it’s real exciting to think about coming out there and showing the fans and the other teams that we’re worth paying attention to.”

And, while the 100-lap distance is longer than most events Morneau has competed in thus far, the rising star plans to circumvent the possible learning curve with a well-planned strategy.

“We understand that the amount of success we have on Saturday is going to have a lot to do with how well we can qualify,” says the third-generation racer. “I’ll take starting up front over being buried in the back any day. Especially at Jukasa where things can go bad really, really quickly.”

“I need to make sure my feedback is on point though practice so my guys can give me the best car possible. This isn’t the place where I want to mess up and get behind the eight-ball. If I can make it in – and qualify strong – then I know we can learn a lot about our car and our team.”

“100-laps is a long time at a track that big,” continues Morneau. “Once the race starts the focus is going to be on finding my rhythm and letting the race come to me. It’s going to be all about give and take. Things get expensive when you try to be the hero and force a move that shouldn’t be made – I’d rather pick my spots and have a car that I can load in the trailer when it’s all said and done.”