Pro Late Model Upstart Jake Sheridan Eager for Big Opportunities in 2020

Jake Sheridan

MOUNT BRYDGES, ON – With aspirations of developing his team into a commanding presence in the wildly competitive Pro Late Model division, second-generation Jake Sheridan hopes to guide his family-operated team from a provincial contender to a national-level front runner in 2020.

Sheridan will look to enter a handful of events across the Midwestern and Southeastern United States in addition to fielding an APC United Late Model Series program for the third consecutive season.

“I want for us to build a team that can contend up front whether we’re racing around home or 12-hours from our shop,” says Sheridan. “We’ve been making gains ever since we brought our first (Pro) Late Model home and I’m hoping this is the next step for us.”

“It’s a giant commitment to try and balance racing with the APC (United Late Model Series) tour and running some of the bigger races in the States but it’s a giant opportunity to put ourselves on the map. We’re working like crazy to line everything up this Winter to make it all happen.”

Sheridan was exposed to racing against top national-level talent during Jukasa Motor Speedway’s Canadian Short Track Nationals in September as well as an inaugural trip to Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville that resulted in a respectable 12th-place finish in the Pro Late Model portion of the famed All American 400 weekend in November.

“We feel like our performance level will go up just competing against the top-tier teams,” explains the second-generation standout. “When you’re running against the top-level, tip-of-the-spear guys and they’re on point, it’s incredible what you can learn about your own stuff. It shows where your program is lacking and how you can improve and move forward.”

“Even though we didn’t have the results we were looking for during (Canadian Short Track) Nationals at Jukasa, we learned a lot just by being exposed to guys that are constantly running at the highest levels of Late Model racing. We left Jukasa with a thicker notebook and then learned a whole lot more when we went down to Nashville.”

“Our goal for this season is to get as much exposure to that as we can,” continues the well-spoken rising star. “Every thing that we can pick up during one of these events is immediately put right back into our program to make us better for the next race.”

While the details of Sheridan’s 2020 plans remain fluid at press time, he hopes to put together the marketing support necessary to release a completed schedule shortly.

“Right now we’re spending all of our time either making sure these cars are ready to chase down wins or meeting with marketing partners to see what we can do to put ourselves in the best spot for 2020.”

“It takes so much support and backing to do anything in this sport and I really can’t thank the people that we have in our corner enough. They believe in me and they believe in this team and I’m ready to put in whatever work is necessary to show them exactly why jumping on board with us was a good idea.”