Perennial Underdog Bobby Mercer Prepared to Double Down with 2019 Championship Defense

Bobby Mercer
Photo by Debbie-Jo Zardo

DUNDAS, ON – After having crafted one of the most surprising championship campaigns in recent Flamboro Speedway history, 2018 Super Stock champion Bobby Mercer is already focusing on how his family-run team can fashion an even stronger run through 2019.

“Being able to call ourselves champions in this division goes way further than just a year’s worth of work,” reflects Mercer. “This goes back almost two decades for us. Every year we’ve taken another step towards being at the top of this roster.”

“We’re never going to be the program that outspends our way to the front,” shrugs the veteran. “That’s not the way we’ve ever approached our racing. We know that the only way we’re going to beat these guys is to outwork them. It’s been a work-in-progress for a long time.”

Certainly, looking back, Mercer’s first-career championship was one of the true highlights of the 2018 season – proving that there’s still room at the Super Stock level for a low-budget team willing to put in the time and effort to outrun the competition.

“After fighting and clawing our way here – we really aren’t even considering not coming back to defend our title,” explains Mercer. “I believe that we still have even more left in the tank. We haven’t topped out yet. Our car can be better and so can our driver. So, that’s where my focus is this season.”

“I’ll be back at Flamboro full time and I’ll be looking to be even stronger every single Saturday. It’s a big feeling to know that you’ve pulled yourself up to the top of the mountain. But, once you’re there, you have to defend your spot. There’s a target on our back next season.”