Paul Pepper Hopes to Seize Opportunity in 2019

Paul Pepper
Paul Pepper

NORTH BAY, ON – After working tirelessly through a 2018 rookie campaign dotted with ups-and-downs, Paul Pepper has confirmed he will be returning to the talented Sauble Speedway Super Stock division.

The North Bay, ON product was pleased with his progress throughout his freshman outing and is ready for an even bigger push in 2019.

“Our rookie season was always going to be more about building our confidence than putting up results,” says Pepper. “I knew coming into this deal how big of a challenge I had ahead of me. We set realistic goals and we were real happy with what we came home with.”

“The fact that we didn’t start to get this team off the ground until January and we were leading laps by September is a huge accomplishment,” continues the short track neophyte. “We have a lot to build on, and that tells me that 2018 was a huge success for us.”

Pepper worked closely with CARFAB founder Chris Ruigrok throughout the 2018 campaign, leaning on the veteran racer/fabricator/setup expert to assist in cutting the considerable learning curve.

“I’m not sure where I’d be right now if Chris and his wife Ashley hadn’t stepped up and sort’ve brought me under their wing,” admits Pepper with a smile. “I mean, trying to figure these cars out is not a walk in the park, but when you’re surrounded by the right people and they give you the right type of support, it makes all the difference in the world.”

Looking ahead to his sophomore effort, Pepper is eager to continue building his program, and hopes to prove himself as a driver worthy of notice within one of the most talent-laden divisions in the province.

“I think we might’ve surprised a few people just a bit last year and that was an awesome feeling,” admits Pepper. “That’s what I’m hoping to do all year (in 2019).”

“Our team really isn’t worried about putting a title or a ceiling on what we’re hoping to accomplish though. It’s about how many podiums I can put down.

“I’m more interested in developing my style behind the wheel and just finding a level of comfort that I can unload with every Saturday. We improved every time we left the trailer in 2018 and that’s exactly the game-plan for this coming season.”