Patrick Freel Set for Third Season on tour with APC United Late Model Series

Patrick Freel

LONDON, ON – Personable up-and-comer Patrick Freel will be return to the APC United Late Model Series for a third consecutive tour in 2019.

The former Ontario Pro Challenge Series regular has demonstrated continuous improvement since his jumping behind the wheel of a Pro Late Model for the first time in 2017, and is confident that his family-run operation has pulled itself to the doorstep of a breakout campaign.

“We haven’t gone a single lap on this tour without learning something that’s made us better,” insists Freel. “Whether it’s things we need to do more of or things that we need to avoid altogether – every lap of every race has been a lesson.”

“Having the opportunity to apply two years worth of learning to our 2019 season is awesome. We’ve gotten stronger every time we’ve brought the trailer door down and I cannot wait to see how much we can accomplish this year.”

The London, ON racer made the jump to the APC Series tour after a successful tenure within the Ontario Pro Challenge Series ranks. Now, after having navigated his first two seasons on the proverbial grind with some of the top Pro Late Model racers in the country, Freel has nothing but praise for the depth of talent on the constantly-widening roster.

“You can sit and prepare and research to run with these teams as much as you want – but there’s so much talent on the roster that the only way to be fully prepared for them is to log the laps,” says Freel.

“These are the top guys in Canada and they really do push you every single lap,” continues Freel. “The competition is more intense than I ever could have imagined before making my first start. It’s been a two-year learning curve but I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.”

And, while Freel family-owned operation is one of the smallest outfits on the tour, the first-generation racer is unwilling to let that minor detail stand in the way of his progress.

“There’s no doubt that we may not be working with the same budget as some of the other guys out here,” shrugs Freel, “but we’ve never let that intimidate us.”

“I know that we’ve done everything in our power to show the racers and the fans that we belong on this tour. We’ve paid dues for two years and now I know we’re ready to turn a corner in our development. 2019 is going to be a big year for us.”

Patrick Freel’s 2019 campaign will be supported by Simtech Supply Chain Management, Dad’s Discounted Autoparts Depot & Supply, Air Liquide and Pennzoil.