Patrick Freel Ready to Rebound at Flamboro Speedway

Patrick Freel

LONDON, ON – After having narrowly missing out on qualifying for the APC United Late Model Series season opener at Sunset Speedway on May 18th, third-year Pro Late Model regular Patrick Freel is ready to make up for lost time in Round 2 at Flamboro this Saturday.

“Any time you’re loading up before the main event it’s going to feel like a waste of a night,” explains Freel. “All I could really do in that moment is try to remember just how much it stung and how frustrated I was. Because that’s fuel for the rest of the season. I want to work as hard as I possibly can to make sure I don’t feel like that again all year.”

Freel’s small, family-run team may not have the same luxuries as some of the bigger outfits that they compete against on a weekly basis, but the personable up-and-comer believes in their ability to persevere.

“We’re never going to have the budgets that these other guys do but I believe in my heart that they’re never going to want this as bad as we do,” offers the former Ontario Pro Challenge Series standout. “That’s the message we want to deliver at Flamboro. We just missed our setup at Sunset but I know that we can come back at Flamboro with a run that we can be proud of.”

Saturday will mark Freel’s fourth-career APC United Late Model Series appearance at Flamboro, with his team hoping it will serve as the ideal backdrop for their first ever top-10.

“Our bullring stuff has been getting better and better with every start,” says Freel. “Our Flamboro finishes have been stronger every time we’ve raced there. It’s not an easy spot to figure out but the more laps we put down there, the better our notes are.”

“I know that we haven’t even come close to hitting the ceiling as far as what this team can accomplish. Sunset was a misstep for us but all it did was fire us up. We’re coming to Flamboro motivated to do some good work and to set the tone for the rest of our year.”

” I would say for Sunset we had the setup and car for the race I just didn’t get the qualifying number needed to put us in the show, the series is tight and we missed the field by .100, we are ready to to roll Saturday and make this field.”