Patrick Freel Ready for APC Series Return to Flamboro

Patrick Freel

LONDON, ON – One of the seemingly innumerable young racers scratching and clawing to establish a name for themselves in Ontario’s rabidly competitive Pro Late Model division, Patrick Freel has shown considerable upside during his third full season spent on tour with the APC United Late Model Series.

The London, ON based racer will enter Round 5 of the tour at Flamboro Speedway this Saturday having tallied three top-15 finishes and is motivated for his family-owned team to continue their upward trajectory against Ontario’s most competitive roster.

“It’s tough to even quantify how competitive this tour is,” explains Freel. “Every team is so tough. They all have real good equipment. They’re all prepared. They’re all unloading on race day expecting to run up front. It’s a shark tank, for sure.”

“The fact that we’ve been able to improve year after year for three seasons now is a huge boost of confidence. Just racing against these guys night-in and night-out forces you to be better. It’s sink or swim.”

Freel started his short track career in Delaware Speedway’s lauded Junior Racing League before transitioning to the Ontario Pro Challenge Series and, finally, the APC United Late Model Series tour.

As a result, the first generation racer has worked diligently to acclimate himself to longer distance Pro Late Model races over the course of the last three seasons and feels as though he has made discernible strides in recent weeks.

“We’ve absolutely started to develop an understanding of what it takes to succeed in these longer races,” notes Freel. “Before I jumped in a Late Model I had never run a 100-lap race before. So, that’s been a big adjustment. Everything about how you prepare for one of these events is different than how you would approach a shorter race.”

“Taking care of your equipment is so important in these races,” continues the well-spoken up-and-comer. “If you’re planning on coming out and burning up your tires and brakes early – you may as well tie a boat anchor to your car. That’s what I’m constantly reminding myself.”

Following a 15th-place finish in his last tour start at Flamboro in early June, Freel is confident the team is ready to register their first career top-10 APC Series performance this Saturday.

“We’re ready to take a big step forward and I’d love for that to happen at Flamboro. We’ve been learning the ropes for the last three years and I’m real excited for our team to push past the ‘trying our best’ level. This is a great team and I know that we have what it takes to contend. We’re getting closer with every race.”

Stay tuned Freel Motorsports will be announcing a new partnership in the near future.