Nick Tooley Set for Flamboro Speedway Debut Saturday at Operation Green Flag

Nick Tooley

ALCONA BEACH, ON – Racer Nick Tooley will take advantage of Sunset Speedway’s 2020 hiatus with a first career visit to Flamboro Speedway this Saturday.

The $1200-to-win event will mark the first time that the Super Stock division has seen action in 2020 and has garnered interest from both Flamboro regulars as well as teams based at other speedways across Ontario.

“We were hoping this season was going to go off without a hitch,” said Tooley. “Our plan was to run fulltime at Sunset to chase a points championship. We worked for a big portion of the off-season to upgrade our equipment and make sure it was ready for opening night.”

“So when we got the news that (Sunset Speedway) would be closed until further notice – we were all heartbroken,” continues the longtime Sunset regular. “Every day it’s gotten a little harder to stare at this car and not have anywhere to race it.”

Therefore, when word broke that Flamboro Speedway would host a Super Stock event on July 4th, Tooley showed immediate interest.

“We hated the idea of our season being a complete loss, so as soon as guys started talking about this deal at Flamboro, we were trying to figure out a way to be a part of it,” details Tooley.

“Now that we’re just a few days out, it’s been all hands on deck around the shop. We’re going over the suspension and putting the last finishing touches on the car to make sure it’s ready for Saturday.”

Although Tooley has a bevy of experience at Sunset, Saturday’s invitational will be his first ever trip to Flamboro Speedway as a competitor.

“Aside from not having raced at Flamboro, I’ve only actually been there once to watch a race,” notes Tooley sheepishly. “So, I’ve spent the last week watching as many in-car videos as I can get my hands on.”

“Saturday is going to be all about getting the most out of every practice session and trying to keep an eye on the guys that I know have a ton of experience there. As a team, we have a lot of confidence in our car, but the only goal we’re setting for ourselves is to bring it home in one piece.”

Nick Tooley’s 2020 debut is powered by Ryan’s Landscaping, and Suters Auto Service.