Nick Tooley Counting Down The Days Til Sunset’s Opener

Nick Tooley
ALCONA BEACH, ON – Following a 2017 season spent rebuilding his family-owned team’s Super Stock program, Nick Tooley is ready for a fresh start and a run towards what he hopes will result in a first career division win.

“It’s our goal to come into 2018 season with a completely different mindset than we’ve ever had before,” explains the third-generation racer. “We can’t settle for ‘good enough’ anymore. If we want to contend for wins – and eventually a championship – we need to push and challenge ourselves every weekend.”

The Alcona Beach, ON native proudly details his team’s work over the course of the past calendar year, as they’ve taken a collective step back in order to pursue what they hope will be a breakout season.

“We’ve never been this prepared for a season of racing,” insists Tooley. “When we come off the trailer, I can guarantee that all of our T’s will be crossed and all of our I’s will be dotted. The only thing on our mind every week is going to be giving it our all. We’re coming to give the rest of these guys hell every single Saturday.”

And with one of the of the most celebrated Super Stock rosters in Ontario waiting on him, Tooley knows just what’s expected of him and his small-budget operation.

“The talent level at Sunset is – in my opinion – the best in the province,” says Tooley. “We’re in the deep end of the pool every single night. If a team in this division wants to succeed and get out there with the top runners, they had better make sure they’re at their best every night. That’s 100-percent our goal. In a lot of ways, this division is wide-open right now. We’re excited to make an impression on it.”