Mike Sturgill Loves Pulling Double Duty, As Outlaw Driver And Owner Of Onaway Speedway

Mike Sturgill

Onaway Speedway is a 1/4 asphalt oval track in Northern Michigan . Mike purchased the speedway in April of 2017. The Facility was established in 1983.

“We built an uphill semi drag racing track also, To mimic Quebec style racing. Our first race “Great Lakes Big Challenge” was the 1st of its kind in the Area. “I also do this kind of racing myself in Quebec”

Onaway has one of the best pay outs in the state.
They also draw the best fan support and car counts of any track in Northern Michigan.

The “Natural ” Dustin Jackson was the 2017 Onaway Speedway Outlaw track champion, ” We love racing here, Says Jackson, The track, fans and car counts are all fantastic and it’s a much closer haul for my team”

The 2018 Schedule has already been released, For the Speedway, The Opening night of Racing is May 26th for there first full show of stockcar racing.

“Since purchasing the speedway, I myself will not race there , I don’t want any favortistim from the flag men, Laughs Sturgill, Plus running a speedway does take alot of work and attention” Racing has been my biggest passion my whole life ”

“I personally own 8 outlaw super late models, And will rent them out to other conpetiors which helps the car counts, And when I have time I will race myself at other Tracks in Northern, Michigan.

“My main goal is to make sure every fan and driver that pulls through the gates, Has an unbelievable experience at my Speedway” “We try to keep our cost very reasonable for families to keep coming back, week after week, With out all their support this dream of mine wouldn’t be even possible”