Mike Hearty a Picture of Positivity Entering Jukasa Motor Speedway

Mike Hearty

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – You’d be hard pressed to find a driver on any roster – anywhere in Ontario – more passionate about being a part of the show more than Mike Hearty.

The Sault Ste. Marie, ON native routinely makes the 8+ hour haul to speedways all across Southern Ontario as part of the OSCAAR Modified Tour and can rarely be found without a smile before, during or after a race event.

“Being on this tour and running this car is some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life,” says Hearty from his team’s Northern Ontario race-shop. “I’m not sure I could ask for a better team of guys to be racing with or a better group of teams to be racing against. This tour, from top to bottom, is what short track racing is all about.”

This Saturday (June 1st) the cross-province tour will enter Jukasa Motor Speedway for the opening round of its 2019 schedule and Hearty will be in the field with hopes of moving closer to his first career OSCAAR Modified Tour victory.

“I believe with everything in me that this team is moving in the right direction,” offers the personable veteran. “We’ve been on track – every single chance we’ve had – with some of the absolute best racers in the province for the last four years.”

“We’re getting better every time we leave the shop,” continues Hearty. “Even if people don’t realize it. We’re getting better. Trust me. Because, our team feels it. Our team knows just how far we’ve come from that first shakedown session in 2014.”

“I love everything about this deal. I love being on the road with my guys. I love being at the speedway. I love meeting the fans. This is the sport for me. This has always been the sport for me. I’m having the time of my life and our team is learning different setup packages for different speedways.”

“We’ll keep working until we’re contending for wins night-in and night-out,” adds the well-liked racer. “And, until then, I can promise we’ll be here having just as much fun as any other team on the roster.”