Michael Kenny Sees Opportunity to Become Perennial Contender in Flamboro Mini Stock Division

Micheal Kenny 2017
HAMILTON, ON – Flamboro Speedway rising star Michael Kenny has become one of the young bright spots on a surprisingly interesting Mini Stock roster.

After paying his dues through an up-and-down 2016 season, Kenny enters his sophomore Mini Stock campaign intent on putting his family-owned team on the map.

“We’re in a new era for this division right now,” opines Kenny. “Flamboro’s been controlled by a select few guys for years – but when you look at the way the roster is now things are different. It’s more wide open”

“I think the current rules package has brought everyone closer together,” continues the Pure Stock graduate. “It’s given younger guys like myself a far better chance to make a name for themselves”

The first-generation racer has continually showed an ability to learn and move forward through a talented Flamboro division and is confident his team can continue to do so this summer.

“I think if you look at our results from one week to the next last season it shows you how much we’ve improved,” says Kenny.

“We have a better handle on our car, our setup and our program in general than we ever have before. It’s easy to get excited about where things are going for us – because we’re stronger every week”

When asked his team’s prospects this season – Kenny makes sure to leave little to the imagination.

“We’re going to win some races this season,” smiles the up-and-comer. “We can beat these guys. I know we can. We’re more confident as a team than we’ve ever been before. We’re good and we’re getting better.”