Matt Bentley Continues to Pride Himself on Doing More with Less

Matt Bentley

Photo by Dan Little Jr Photography

GUELPH, ON – While the days of competing fulltime in Sunset Speedway’s Super Stock division might feel like a lifetime ago, second-generation standout Matt Bentley is far from ready to call it a day in terms of on-track action.

The Guelph, ON native made fewer starts than ever before this past season – however he made sure to come up large in his limited appearances, winning the Super Stock portion of Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250 as well as one half of Flamboro Speedway’s Frostoberfest twinbill.

“When you aren’t out there every Saturday it gives you a better understanding of just how hard it is to come across these wins,” says Bentley. “This division has never been harder to run up front in. And, when you aren’t in the car 20 or 30 times a season like some of these guys are, it’s real easy to fall behind.”

However, just because Bentley has become less of a regular fixture in the division has not made him any less a threat to win anytime he unloads at a speedway – as evidenced by his pair of Playoff Seasons wins this year.

“We know that we can contend every time we get the chance,” insists the former Sunset Speedway weekly champion. “Right now, we’re at the point where our biggest obstacle is just finding the sponsorship support to be out at the speedway on a regular basis.”

“Our team has built this program up to where we can stretch any funding that we get as far possible,” adds Bentley. “I’m proud of the fact that we can do a lot with a little. And, if a sponsor doesn’t end up coming our way, that’s exactly what we’ll keep doing. Walking away from this division isn’t on our radar at all.”

When asked of his intentions for the 2019 season, Bentley notes that his team is already in the midst of meeting with potential marketing partners, as they hope to find adequate funding to return to a regular schedule.

“I know that we can get the job done with our team and this car – wether it’s racing for another weekly championship or just chasing Crown Jewels,” explains the multi-time feature winner. “We’ve already had some informal talks with some folks that might be able to come on board and help us our next year, and we’re going to keep that up all Winter.”

“People haven’t seen the last of us, I promise,” stated Bentley. “We’re going to keep doing everything we can to be on-track as many times as possible next season. And, when we are on-track, I guarantee we’ll be there with a package that can contend with anyone in this division.”