Marvin Freiburger is Gearing up for a Busy 2017 Season behind The Wheel & As the Car Owner of J.R. Fitzpatrick’s APC Pro Late Model

Marvin Feiburger 2016

WALKERTON,ON- Sauble Speedway veteran Marvin Freiburger will have his hands full in 2017, Doing his best balancing act as a full time Driver and car owner.

“After finishing 2nd in the point standings last season and Picking up a couple feature wins,” The competitive juices are still flowing and I couldn’t just play car owner the whole summer.” Says Marvin.

“Plus are Easter Seals Donations from racing is at [65,750] ,” We are looking Forward to watching that total grow thru out the season and having another exciting year of racing well doing so”

“I am super excited to watch and see what [J.R.] Fitzpatrick, Can do in the APC Series with the Pro Late Model, ” He has put a tone of hours into rebuilding that car into such a Beautiful Piece.”We work very well together and I know with his talent, ” He will do very well, Up against the Deepest laundry list of drivers in any series in the Province” I can’t wait , just like most racing fans should be.

The whole Freiburger team can’t wait to hit the track this summer. Marvin’s Season will get under way, June 24th At the Beach. Also you may see the number (37) Limited Late at a few invitationals.

Freiburger Motorsports would like to say a special thanks to, Weber Contracting, Tire Discounter Group, Leslie Motors, Cabral Racing Promotions and Marvin Freiburger and Sons.