Marvin Freiburger in Search of Third Sauble Speedway Victory of 2017 this Saturday

Marvin Frieburger Sauble Speedway 2017
WALKERTON, ON – ‘Marvellous’ Marvin Freiburger will hop back behind the wheel of his family-owned No. 37 this Saturday at Sauble Speedway, as he aims to extend his 1-point advantage over fellow speedway veteran Jason Parker in the race for the 2017 Ltd. Late Model championship.

“I get excited any time race night gets close,” beams Freiburger as his team works to prepare his No. 37 entry for their July 22nd return.

“This car has been such a pleasure to drive this season that I can’t wait to jump back in it. I wish every race we were in was 100-laps because this thing is so much fun to drive. We’re having a great year so far”.

The affable veteran is one of a number of longtime Sauble regulars that have committed to fulltime competition at ‘the Beach’ this season, and after transitioning from a Thunder Car to Ltd. Late Model in recent years, is looking to be every bit the championship contender that he set out to become in 2012.

“As a team, we have a lot of self belief on our side right now,” explains the Walkerton, ON driver. “The last couple seasons it’s felt like we’ve put in a lot of work to get a little bit better. But, all that effort has led to where we’re at right now. This car is strong enough to win any time we roll into the pits – and that’s an awesome feeling for all of us”.

With Parker hot on his heels, ‘Marvellous’ Marvin is more than ready to fight tooth and nail for his first career division championship.

“I can say with complete seriousness that I want nothing more than to be able to call myself a Sauble Speedway champion,” insists Freiburger”.

“It means the world to me. This is a whole new era for the speedway and that means this is absolutely going to be a championship that people will remember for a long time. I want to work as hard as I can to put my name on that championship”.