Marty Monette Ready to Make His Return to Sunset Speedway This Saturday

Marty Monette

HAMILTON, ON – Having sharpened the skill set of his Craig Ellis-owned team over the course of his racing career, former Sunset Speedway feature winner Marty Monette is excited to continue his transition back to weekly Super Stock front-runner.

For Monette, the first step towards what he hopes will be a breakout season, comes during May 11th’s opening night.

“We’ve dedicated our entire off-season to this program so I can’t wait to see our work pay off,” says Monette. “Having a shop solely dedicated to the Super stock for the first time is a huge difference-maker for us. I really believe that we have all the tools available to us now to run up front again.”

“I’m a bit more aware of the car and its capabilities. I understand the limitations of our team and our equipment now – and how to maximize them, we had a soild practice with this new piece and I’m excited to get the season underway.”

“This year is still going to come with a huge learning curve,” adds Monette. “But I feel as though we are in a substantially better place now, It takes a lot to get yourself up to speed in this division.”

When asked of what level of opposition he anticipates having to race against at Sunset, the Hamilton, ON native knows there aren’t going to be any easy laps.

“I hope that we have the cream of the crop come out for this event,” says Monette. “We’re on this roster to challenge ourselves in the biggest way possible. Every guy on this team wants to step up and race with the most intimidating programs in the province. The more competition we have – the happier I’m going to be.”