Marlie Owen Looking to Make Jukasa Motor Speedway Super Stock Headlines at The Canadian Short Track National’s

Marlie Owen

PORT HOPE, ON – Second-generation racer Marlie Owen attracted more than her share of attention throughout her freshman 2018 season.

The Karting graduate – daughter of multi-time Super Late Model winner John Owen – showed no intimidation whatsoever during her first full season of Super Stock racing, finding her groove early and managing to tally her first career feature win before the season’s halfway point.

And, while she set a high bar for herself and her family-owned outfit last year, there’s no questioning the fact that she’s looking to propel her operation to new heights during the 5k Super Stock portion of the Canadian Short Track National’s.

“We’re proud of what we did last year but we’re just getting warmed up,” voiced Owen. “Our first win was one of the most amazing feelings of my entire life. With the talent in this division, wins don’t ever come easy, and when you earn one you’re reminded of exactly how much work goes into running at the front.”

Owen has once again followed the majority of Peterborough Speedway’s Super Stock schedule with hopes of staking her claim at a first career track championship.

“There weren’t many weeks last year where we went home without feeling like we made some huge gains,” offers the Port Hope, ON racer. “We’re so much better now than we were this time last season.”

“I’m still growing as a racer. My feedback is getting better with every start. My decision-making as a driver is getting better. If our team keeps improving the way we did last season then I have total confidence in our ability to give ourselves a chance at the points championship.”

With a Peterborough Super Stock roster that seems only to improve by the week, Owen knows that no matter how much success her team experiences this season her work is not likely to be finished any time soon.

“Every single time we hit a speedway for a feature I take a look at how many good cars are on track with us,” says Owen. “The best way to explain it would be to say that it’s a reality check. This is one of the toughest rosters anywhere in Ontario.”

“You can’t really overstate how many hours and how much work and what type of crazy dedication it takes to succeed in this division. I’ve just gotta keep paying my dues and our team is going to keep putting in our time and hopefully we can keep turning heads every Saturday.”