Lisa DeLeeuw Uncompromising in Pursuit of First Ever Sunset Speedway Win

Lisa Deleeuw 2017

FLAMBORO, ON – Indefatigable veteran Lisa DeLeeuw will resume her search for a first ever Sunset Speedway feature win this Saturday, as her family-owned team looks to continue their recent improvement in the wildly competitive Mini Stock division.

“Our team has never stopped believing in ourselves,” says DeLeeuw. “We know that we can be a winner in this division. We’ll never give up and we’ll never stop working towards that.”

“I was raised to believe that if you put in the time and effort and work towards a goal – you’ll eventually be rewarded,” continues the veteran. “We’re putting in our time and we’re patiently waiting for that moment.”

And while she may not have yet graced Sunset Speedway victory lane, it’s evident that DeLeeuw is appreciative of her spot in the sport and what it means to merely have the opportunity to chase a first career win.

“It doesn’t matter what our results say at the end of the night – I’m proud of being a racecar driver,” notes the Flamboro, ON native. “I’m proud of the work that you have to invest just to be in this sport. It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s about putting in long hours to compete for a moment of glory that’s never guaranteed.”

“I want to win in this car more than anything else in the world,” adds DeLeeuw. “If I can do that for my team one day – it would be one of the biggest moments of my life.”

After rolling out a newly acquired Nissan 240sx at the beginning of 2017, DeLeeuw has continued to make strides towards the front of the field and has tallied a number of top-15 finishes already this season.

“Our program now is lightyears away from where we were three years ago,” says DeLeeuw. “This division evolves quickly and we’ve put all of our efforts into making sure that we evolve with it. The last thing we ever want to do is get left behind.”

“This season we’ve been concentrating on getting up to speed with our Nissan because it’s a lot different from the Ford Mustangs that I’ve always raced. So far, it’s going really well. Our lap times are down and our confidence is as high as it’s ever been – and if we can keep up that combination we know that we can win a race with it.”