Limited Late Model Sophomore Brandon Feeney Gearing up for Breakthrough Season in 2019

Brandon Feeney

CLARINGTON, ON – Thunder Car division graduate Brandon Feeney will continue his attempts to make inroads into the upper echelon of the talent-heavy Limited Late Model class this season.

The second-generation racer will Campaign fulltime at Peterborough Speedway as he works to improve upon a 2018 Rookie of the year season beset with a considerable learning curve.

“As tough as it was to try and get our legs underneath us last year – I’m proud to say that we met the challenge head-on every single week,” says Feeney. “Every Saturday we were better than the week before and that’s the goal that I set for us at the beginning of the season.”

“We knew that moving from Thunder Car to Late Model was going to be a huge step,” continues the Clarington, ON native. “We didn’t take this on because we figured it would be easy. I’m not afraid of hard work and neither is any person on our team”

While his 2018 campaign may not have yielded immediate statistical results, Feeney insists that the process as a whole helped him grow as both a competitor and a person.

“I was always raised to believe that adversity builds character,” says the hard-scrabble up-and-comer. “Every hero that I’ve ever had – either inside or outside of racing – have always been the guys that have built themselves from the ground up. There’s no such thing as an overnight success in this sport.”

“There were nights where we got knocked down and had to pick ourselves back up,” continues Feeney. “That means more to me than anything. Last season helped me realize just how badly I want this. I’ll work at this program until it’s as strong as I know it’s capable of being.”

Feeney is unwilling to outline his goals for the 2019 season in black and white – opting instead to employ more of a philosophical line of thinking.

“At the end of the day I’m not out there for anyone or anything but me and my team. That’s all that matters. I want to put together a season that I can be proud and that every single person that’s helped me on this journey can be proud of.”

“It’s not about how many top-10s I can put together or how many heat wins I can contend for – it’s more than that,” adds Feeney. “This season is about knowing that I unloaded with my best preparation every single weekend and that I left the speedway each Saturday knowing more than I did when I got there that afternoon.”

Brandon Feeney’s sophomore season is made possible thanks to the support of Liqui Moly, Kawartha ATV Association, K1 Graphics, Platinum RV Sales, Auto Tires & Safeties and WIX Filters.