Leroy Robinson Ready to Meet Jukasa Challenge Head-On

Leroy Robinson

WINDSOR, ON – With over a calendar year’s worth of labour in his back pocket, second-generation racer Leroy Robinson will finally have the chance to run his first feature event this Saturday.

Robinson’s OSCAAR Hot Rod Series debut was delayed by two weeks after the tour’s original season opener was cancelled due to rain during Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity weekend on May 18th and 19th.

Now, the Windsor, ON native will make his debut on the tour’s biggest stage as the undercard to the NASCAR Pinty’s Series at Jukasa Motor Speedway.

“With every day that goes by the butterflies in my stomach keep getting bigger,” Robinson offered “We’ve put so many hours into this car as a team. I can’t wait to find that baseline setup and set out on improving our program every single week.”

The OSCAAR Hot Rod Series boasts a rapidly improving roster and, as a result, Robinson is very much prepared for the road ahead of him when it comes to building a team capable of contending.

“I understand what type of learning curve we’re dealing with but all that does is make me more motivated,” the rookie competitor said. “As soon as I saw my first (OSCAAR Hot Rod Series) event I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of.”

“We know our team is not afraid of a little hard work but we also know that these guys on the roster are going to test that theory every single week,” continues Robinson. “This is the type of racing that pushes you to get better. That’s why I’m so excited for it.”

When asked what he expects during his first start at Jukasa, Robinson admits that he’s prepared for a learning experience.

“Every racer I’ve spoken to has told me how different Jukasa is from everywhere else in the province,” notes Robinson. “As far as my experience level goes, I don’t really have anywhere to compare it to, so we’ll have to see if that ends up helping us or hurting us on Saturday.”

“I’m going into this deal with my eyes wide open. We’ll be taking notes every step of the way because, no matter what the result is at the end of the night, we’re going to have a better understanding of what works or what doesn’t. Either way, it’s going to be a step in the right direction for us.”