Late Model Sophomore Lane Zardo set to do battle for Triple 35’s This Saturday

Lane Zardo at Sunset Speedway 2017

BRAMPTON, ON – Popular third-generation racer Lane Zardo snatched headlines and turned heads throughout his successful 2016 Sunset Speedway Late Model rookie season. Now, entering his second fulltime campaign, the former Super Stock champion is ready to continue his rise up thru the province’s tuffest filled of Late Models.

“Starting 19th and finishing 9th, Gives you a huge boost of confidence, knowing that all your hard work and time , I spent in the shop all week , Was Worth it”.

“The rookie year we were able to put together was a dream come true, man” beams ‘The Thrillbilly’. “I’m just focused on building on that. Last year was the sort’ve season you plan out and think of when you’re in the shop freezing at 1:00am in February. I’m not sure I could have ever dreamed it any better”.

After earning his first career NASCAR Late Model feature triumph en route to 2016 Rookie of the Year honors, Zardo has been forced to weather a storm of poor fortune through the early day of 2017. However, bad luck has never been enough to discourage the Brampton, ON native.

“Lately we’ve had this bad habit of unloading with a fast car and following it up with some really bad luck,” laughs Zardo. “It’s not going to last forever, which is good because it definitely gets really old really fast. We’re ready to turn things around in a hurry”.

“Our goal for this year is to get to a place where we’re a threat for the podium every single night,” explains the sophomore. “As good as our car is and as strong as our team is – I know we’re going to get where we want to be. This entire Late Model experience has been so much different than anything I’ve ever done before. We’re still a work in progress”.

And while Zardo surrenders more than his fair share of experience to the majority of the racers on the Late Model roster, the 21-year old sees his newly restructured family-run team as a worthy adversary for any competitor in the Sunset Speedway paddock.

“Just about everyone at the front of this field has more laps in a Late Model under their belt than I do, so playing catch-up isn’t the easiest thing in the world,” admits the personable star. “My guys have poured their hearts and souls into this car over the off-season and I’m doing everything I can to learn as much as possible every time the belts go on and the window net goes up”.

“The teams we’re stacked up against are incredibly tough, but we have what it takes to give any of them trouble. We’ve brought new ideas to the program this season and that gives us an entirely new outlook on things. We’re working harder and we’re gaining ground. I can’t wait to see how far we can take this deal before the end of the season”.