Kevin Bridge Very Comfortable Entering Penultimate Race on Great Lakes Series Schedule

Kevin Bridge

KINCARDINE, ON – Current Great Lakes Concrete Mini Stock Series points leader Kevin Bridge will seek to further distance himself from his closest pursuers this Saturday, as his family-owned team rolls into Sunset Speedway for Round 5 of the first-year mini-series.

Bridge is a multi-time feature winner at Sunset and has long proven himself to be a perennial contender anytime he unloads at the Innisfil 3/8ths mile.

“It’s been a little while since we could roll into Sunset without feeling like our team had a chance of turning heads,” says Bridge with a smile. “It’s not overconfidence. It’s just that we’re real comfortable there. We love racing at Sunset. We consider it a home away from home”

However, with close to a decade worth of experience, Bridge understands better than most racers in the division that past performances do not necessarily guarantee future results.

“These races have a way of beating you up no matter how prepared you think you are,” admits the Kincardine, ON native. “There’s so much talent and everyone is prepared and hungry to win these series races – so nothing is promised to any of us”

“I’m confident in the base setup that we’re bringing to Sunset. It’s going to be a grind one way or another, but I’m still expecting that we’ll have enough to get out there and stay ahead of the curve all day”

“When you’re racing in one of these events you’re working every single lap,” explains Bridge. “I don’t care who you are or what you’ve won before”

“There are no scrubs on this roster. You have to work your ass off to pass every single car. If you aren’t ready to work – you might as well just stay home.”