Kevin Albers Ready for Rebound after Near-Miss in 2018

Kevin Albers 2018

ROCKTON, ON – After falling just short of a bid for a first career Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model championship in 2018, Kevin Albers will be back for another shot at the crown this season.

The former Super Stock standout put forth a breakthrough effort throughout the 2018 season, compiling one of the most consistent years of his career only to eventually finish second to division champion Matt Lockwood.

“It would be silly to try and pretend that finishing second last year didn’t sting,” said Albers. “We put everything we had into our program last season and I’m incredibly proud of how strong we were from one end of the schedule to the other.”

“There’s a lot that we’ve done that I can look back on and smile about,” continues the Flamboro veteran. “We’re more motivated now than ever before. You’re going to see the absolute best version of us this year.”

Albers was a constant presence inside of the top-5 during weekly action at Flamboro, but criticized himself at the end of his championship push for not ending up were he wanted to be with his first Pro late title.

“I think we had a few nights (last season) where we may have been overly-conservative and left a little bit on the table,” admits the Rockwood, ON native. “It’s difficult to find that balance between being responsible – because we don’t have the budget to rebuild this car every week if we tear it up – and being able to really push when we need to and try to pull the trigger on some wins.”

“Our team still doesn’t have the budget to come out this season and be reckless – but I think you’re still going to see a different version of us,” adds Albers. “We learned a few things last year that I know are going to help us get closer to chasing down some feature wins.”

While the championship near-miss was understandably disappointing for Albers, there’s no question that his runner-up finish in the 2018 championship points standings has done wonders for his confidence.

“Finishing second in a division as stacked as ours is a big deal for a small team,” Albers offers . “Of coarse we wanted to be champions. There’s no way I can deny that. But, when I sit down and think about it, getting as close as we did last year was a huge ‘win’ for us.”

“We know that we have what it takes to get close (to a championship) and now we need to figure out what we need for us to make that last big push and finish the job. This team is strong enough to outrun anyone on this roster. We just need to make the right decisions.”

Kevin Albers 2019 season will be presented by Wasteco, Seberras Professional Services, Assante Financial Management and Flamborough Doors.