Kevin Albers Intent on Strong Start to Flamboro Speedway Season

Kevin Albers
ROCKTON, ON – Perhaps the most consistent driver on the Flamboro Speedway Pro Late Model roster in 2017, fan favourite Kevin Albers is eager to get started on what he hopes will be a run towards a first career Late Model championship in 2018.

“We’ve set the bar high for ourselves this season,” says Albers. “Every night, we’re pushing ourselves to have a car that will to into the trailer with all four tires pointed in the right direction when it’s all said and done – with a trophy on the roof.”

“But we especially want to make sure we can do that at the beginning of the year. We have three straight nights of racing to start off the schedule, and we need to make sure we can hit our stride early. That momentum that you generate early in the season can follow you all year long.”

And even though the Flamboro schedule stretches the length of the summer, Albers insists there is no time to waste becoming acclimated with the return to competition.

“We don’t have any ‘throwaway’ nights,” says the Rockton, ON racer. “That’s never been the way that we race. We don’t make excuses for ourselves. If we want to run for a championship, realistically, we need to be in mid-season form as soon as that first green flag drops.”

“Opening Night is every bit as important as Championship Night,” adds Albers. “I think it would be a huge mistake for any racer to slack off and approach opening night different than they would any other Saturday. You can’t ever let your guard down and come unprepared when you’re racing against this level of competition.”

Of course, no matter how badly Albers wishes to get his familiar No. 27 to victory lane on a regular basis this year, the former Thunder Car champion knows that he’ll have his work cut out for him night-in and night-out.

“I could stand here and talk about how bad I want this championship until I’m blue in the face – but if our team isn’t ready to invest the hours and the effort then it doesn’t mean anything,” shrugs Albers matter-of-factly. “There are a dozen guys that want this just like we do. The difference maker is who’s going to be willing to the extra mile and put in the extra time and make the extra sacrifices.”

“I’ve never pushed myself the way I am heading into this season. I believe that you need a degree of pressure to succeed in anything in life – and racing is absolutely no different. We’re ready to capitalize on any opportunity that comes our way. I know that our team is ready to surprise some people this season.”