Kevin Albers Hopes to Make APC Series Debut in 2018

Kevin Albers
ROCKTON, ON – Popular weekly racer Kevin Albers will look to expand his horizons this season, as his family-run operation seeks to make plans to enter their first career APC United Late Model Series event sometime during the tour’s 2018 campaign.

“There’s no question that the APC Series has the competition level that every driver wants to be a part of right now,” explains Albers. “For us – it’s just all about when we’re going to be able to do it and how we can make it happen.”

“We’re probably one of the more budget-conscious teams in the [Pro Late Model] division – so deciding to run an APC [Series] race or two isn’t as simple as pulling out a credit card or writing a cheque.”

For Albers – a former Flamboro Speedway Thunder Car champion – the last three seasons have been spent fine-tuning a Pro Late Model effort that he has built from the ground up. And, as evidenced by top-5 finishes in every weekly event he entered in 2017, the results have not been far behind.

“Our plan was always to branch out and race at different speedways – but we wanted to make sure we were doing it the right way,” says the fan favourite. “There was no sense in trying to do too much, too soon and falling flat on our face.”

“Instead, we stuck close to home and worked on our stuff,” continues Albers. “I’m real happy with how far we’ve come. I think we’ve shown that we can stand toe-to-toe with just about anyone in this division. So, with that said, the time feels right to start doing a little bit more and leaving Flamboro.”

And though Albers has an idea as to where he would like to visit in 2018, he knows that his touring schedule will ultimately depend on what type of marketing support his low-budget outfit can acquire.

“At the end of the day – it all comes down to money,” shrugs Albers. “I know that Jukasa [Motor Speedway] has got some big stuff planned for next season and we’d love to be a part of that. I’ve also always loved racing at Sauble, so if we could jump into an APC Tour race there it would be awesome.”

“We’re working real hard to put some deals together right now,” continues the Rockton, ON native. “I feel good about what direction our team is headed in right now. We’re trending towards some pretty big things – now we just need to find a sponsor or two, more to go with all the great ones we already have.”