Kevin Albers Back to Conquer Flamboro Pro Late Model Division in 2020

Kevin Albers

ROCKTON, ON – Flamboro Speedway veteran Kevin Albers will once again look to chase a first career Pro Late Model championship in 2020.

The former Super Stock standout has settled into a role as one of the most consistent racers on the weekly Flamboro roster over the last five seasons, and he will look to take the next step in his development with a 2020 title push.

“Our only goal for this season is to win a Flamboro Speedway championship,” says Albers. “We’re ‘all in’ on that. There aren’t any other distractions for this team as far as racing goes. We aren’t chasing big races, we aren’t trying to get a touring program off the ground, we’re completely focused on winning a (weekly) championship at Flamboro.”

Albers’ family run team – headed by Kevin and his brother Craig – understand that they don’t operate within the budgetary parameters that many other Pro Late Model programs do. However, what they lack in size and financial backing, they more than make up for in grit and determination.

“We know that there’s a commitment level – both on the money side and the manpower side – that you have to have to chase wins at some of the bigger shows,” notes the Rockton, ON racer.

“We don’t have that at the moment. And, instead of trying to jump on tour and chase these bigger wins without the right ammunition, we’re going to take what we have and put it towards our weekly program.”

“Our expectations are to go to Flamboro every single Saturday and contend for wins,” continues Albers. “The championship is the main objective but we know that the path there runs through every single feature event that we start. If we win enough races, the points will take care of themselves.”

Albers’ frustrations with his winless 2019 campaign have been well documented. However, after meeting his disappointment head-on, the veteran believes that an off-season’s worth of work will have his outfit more ready than ever to contend night in and night out.

“I can’t and won’t hide behind the fact that we just weren’t good enough last season,” says Albers matter-of-factly. “We sat down in the Fall and realized that as a team. We didn’t make any excuses for ourselves. It bothers me that we weren’t good enough but it motivated me to get in the shop and put the work in all Winter.”

“I think Flamboro’s done a fantastic job with their schedule this season. They’ve put together a good mix of regular weekly racing and lucrative marquee events that I’m sure are going to attract some of the top tier teams in the province. The more elite-level drivers we’re competing against, the better it’s going to make us overall.”