Kenny McNicol Jr. Plans to Spend 2018 Hunting Super Stock Crown Jewels

Kenny McNicol Jr.
EXETER, ON – Multi-time Super Stock feature winner Kenny McNicol Jr. will pursue an ‘outlaw’ schedule this coming season, electing to travel across Ontario with hopes of adding a number of big ticket Super Stock victories to his already impressive resume.

“The Super Stock division is healthy enough with its schedule now that we could put together a real good season without ever having to commit to just one place,” explains McNicol.

“We enjoy touring. I feel like it makes us sharper. It’s one thing to be fast at one speedway – but it’s something entirely different to be able to do that at a handful of different places throughout the summer.”

‘The King of Old School’ is likely to file entry for a bevy of Great Lakes Concrete Series events in 2018, in addition to other one-off invitationals and Playoff Season races.

“We’re still waiting for a couple tracks to drop their schedules – so nothing’s for certain yet – but I’m sure you’ll see us at quite a few of those [Great Lakes Concrete Series] races,” says the veteran.

“On top of that, we’ll be at Delaware for their big shows, I’m hoping that [Jukasa Motor Speedway] has a big Super Stock invitational and then the [Playoff Season] races like the Autumn Colours Classic and Frostoberfest.”

A staple of Super Stock competition for well over a decade, McNicol has broken away from the pack in recent seasons, establishing his family-run effort as one of the most perennially competitive in the division.

“We just want to keep winning and keep getting better this season,” insists McNicol. “I can promise that any of the success we’ve had these last few years hasn’t been by accident. We’ve gotten faster because every guy on this team believes in what we’re doing.”

“The goal is to build on what we’ve already accomplished,” adds the Exeter, ON product. “The whole division has gotten better the last few years and that just means that we need to evolve with it. We’re up for the challenge. We’re ready to chase some wins this summer.”