Kenny Grubb Hunting Second Career Frostoberfest Title This Saturday at Flamboro Speedway

Kenny Grubb

WALKERTON, ON – Multi-time Sauble Speedway Super Stock champion Ken Grubb will head to Flamboro Speedway this Saturday in pursuit of his second Frostoberfest victory in the last three seasons.

Grubb won the 2017 edition of the Crown Jewel event and will once again seek to outrun some of the top Super Stock contenders in Ontario in the evening’s twin 50-lap feature races.

“Our team feels like we can point our truck and trailer anywhere in the province and contend for a win,” said Grubb. “It’s not about what speedway you’re at or what drivers you’re racing against. What matters is having the right group of people behind you.”

“If your program is built properly and your driver has his head on straight – he can win anywhere,” adds the well-travelled veteran. “If you try and tell yourself that you can only win at your home track, then you won’t have too much trouble convincing yourself. We don’t buy into that and we never have.”

While the last several seasons have seen Grubb carve out a reputation as one of the most successful Super Stock racers in Ontario, the Walkerton, ON native still approaches each event as though he has something to prove.

“If you’re in this sport and you’ve stopped caring about wins and losses it might be time to go do something else,” offers Grubb with a smile. “Our team loves to have fun just as much as anyone else – but the real reason we’re at the speedway with this car is to win. That’s what gets us out of the shop every week.”

“Big races like this bring out the best in every guy on this team,” continues Grubb. “We’ll work like hell to win this event again because of how much it means to us.”

“Two races back-to-back at Flamboro is a tall order. It’s about not beating yourself as much as outrunning these other guys. You can’t make a mistake because it’ll kill your points total for the day. We need to be close to perfect. We did that in 2017 and we’re going to do it again on Saturday.”