Keith Parkes Prepared for the “Chase”

Keith Parkes

Brampton , ON – Four Fun mainstay has confirmed he will be in the field when the “Chase” at Peterborough Speedway gets under way This up coming Sunday.

The multi-time/ Heat Winner at Peterborough Speedway , Is Currently having one of his best season’s, Looking for his 1st Championship and 1st Big Feature Win of his Racing career.

“I don’t think you’re ever going to hear a guy on this roster complain about having the opportunity to race a two-lane track,” says Parkes . “Peterborough one of the nicest facilities to Race at, It’s a great patch of pavement. It’s built in such a way that will allow these cars to open up and stretch their legs the way they’re supposed to”.

“As a driver, it gives you a certain peace of mind to know you have two lanes to work with, at least in this division”.

“We’re competitors. All of us. Every single guy on this team. We bought this car to compete against the best drivers in the province. We put in hours in the off-season and it’s paying off so far”.

“Where a speedway is located on our map doesn’t change anything in terms of how badly we want to beat the teams pitted next to us,” continues the Brampton , ON native. “If you need a track to be close to your backyard in order to put in the right amount of effort to win – then maybe this sport really isn’t for you”.

“Sunday is a very good measuring stick for us, There should be a good mix of Invader car’s from different Tracks”.

The Chase starts at 2:30 Sunday at Peterborough speedway. This will set the pole positions for The End of the season’s Autumn colours classic.