Julia Capirchio Aims to Establish a Name in Ontario Pro Challenge Series Competition

Julia Capirchio

GILFORD, ON – Second-generation racer Julia Capirchio will be back behind the wheel of an Ontario Pro Challenge Series entry in 2019. The high-school student will look to build on a respectable rookie campaign that saw her finish every event she started in 2018, displaying continuous improvement along the way.

“It absolutely went way better than I ever thought it could,” smiles Capirchio when reflecting back on her 2018 season. “Other than the little bit of damage that we took on our first night, we finished every race without a scratch on the car which was exactly what our goal was at the beginning of the season”

“These cars really aren’t like anything our team has any experience with – so we’ve all been learning as a group,” adds the well-spoken up-and-comer. “My Dad and Grandad have been amazing with working with me and doing everything they can to give me a good car and helping me cut the learning curve as much as possible”

Capirchio is eager to learn from her father – former Sunset Speedway Limited Late Model feature winner Dario Capirchio – as she prepares to set sail on her second season of competition.

“Dad’s been the best Car Owner and Crew Chief that I could have ever asked for,” details the Gilford, ON native. “Our whole team is a family effort. My Grandad Reg is at every race – no matter where it is – to support me and help out in any way possible. My Mom Paula is the most supportive mother on the planet and my little sister Daniella has been there ready to help and cheer me on right from the start”

“The fact that I get to do all of this with my family makes it even more special,” continues Capirchio. “This is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember and I’ve always wanted to have my family by my side while I do it. This has been a dream come true so far”

For 2019, Capirchio will undoubtedly look to apply the lessons learned as a freshman, as she continues to transition into a prospect worthy of note.

“We just want to get better with every race – that’s where we’re setting our bar right now,” explains Capirchio. “Last year was my first season racing anything so it felt like 100 new experiences coming at me all at once. This year I have a much better idea of what to expect and that’s given me a lot of confidence”

“I have a lot of belief when it comes to what we can build this program into. We’re not there yet, but if we keep working together and learning as a team, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re going to get there.”