JR Fitzpatrick Ready to Outperform 2018’s APC United Late Model Series Championship Season

JR Fitzpatrick at Jukasa Motor Speedway

CAMBRIDGE, ON – Mere months removed from bringing his Pro Late Model program to new heights by winning his first career APC United Late Model Series championship, fan favourite JR Fitzpatrick is committed to continuing his team’s elevation entering the 2019 tour season.

“I think we’ve worked harder after winning the championship than we did before we won it,” laughs Fitzpatrick. “It’s funny how things work. When we locked up the points deal, you’d expect to feel a sense of completion or feel ready to take a breath and kick your feet up – but that didn’t happen for us at all.”

“As soon as we realized we were champions all I could think about was defending the title and figuring out how to be even better in 2019,” adds the second-generation racer. “It felt like we were getting better with every race last year and I know that we can keep that trend going if we work for it”

In addition to a first career APC Series championship, the 2018 campaign also provided a welcomed returned to form for Fitzpatrick, after he worked through a disastrous 2017 wrought with DNFs and disappointments.

“I’m not sure I could downplay how bad we were in 2017,” stats the Cambridge, ON native. “We never found our rhythm and it just felt like we were chasing our tail all year. If I’m being honest, our confidence took a big shot during that summer.”

“2018 was huge for us because it helped remind us of what we’re capable of,” adds Fitzpatrick. “We’ve got our confidence back and I can’t even explain how important that is. Now, 2019 is about taking that confidence and doing what we can to excel.”

Fitzpatrick will be tasked with defending his tour championship against an always-deepening roster, as drivers and teams from across the province continue to file their entries for a full season of 2019 competition.

“I can’t say enough about how good this tour has become,” notes Fitzpatrick. “You can’t take a lap off against these guys. Every team is getting tougher and we’re adding better competition every off-season.”

“We’re coming back this year with the best car we’ve ever put together. I don’t want to be a one-and-done champion. No one’s been able to win one of these titles back-to-back – so that’s all the motivation I need to come out and make some history.”