JR Fitzpatrick Ready for Return this Weekend at Jukasa

J.R. Fitzpatrick Testing at Jukasa Motor Speedway 2017

AYR, ON – After nearly a month away from active competition, longtime Ontario standout JR Fitzpatrick will be back behind the wheel this weekend as the APC United Late Model Series serves as the co-headliner to the much anticipated re-opening of Jukasa Motor Speedway.

Fitzpatrick has been on the sidelines since departing Marvin Freiburger Racing at the beginning of August. Now, once again at the help of his own operation, he hopes to find a way to return to the forefront of Ontario racing with an impressive performance at Jukasa.

“I’m really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel and doing whatever we can to turn our season around,” says Fitzpatrick. “Our partnership with Marvin [Freiburger] was the right team, with the right people and the right equipment – but we just couldn’t get it to work.”

“We just never seemed to get rolling,” adds the second-generation star. “Nothing we tried was working. It never clicked. Now, I’ve got a new program and I’d like to think we have an entirely new outlook. Hopefully we can shake off all the bad luck that’s had us down all year.”

For Fitzpatrick, the return of racing at Jukasa Motor Speedway presents an ideal opportunity to become a part of history.

“[Jukasa] has always been the Crown Jewel of this province,” says the fan favourite. “The rebirth of that track is going to be the biggest event of the year.”

“Just being a part of this race is going to be an honour – but if we can find a way to get up front and stay there it would be a career highlight for me. It’s tough for me to explain just how badly I want to win this race.”

Fitzpatrick maintains his confidence that his family-owned team can find their footing at Jukasa and register their first top-5 finish of the APC United Late Model Series season.

“I’m really excited for this weekend to be the start of a new chapter for our team,” offers Fitzpatrick. “I can’t think of a better way for us to reintroduce ourselves to this province than a strong run at [Jukasa]. We know that we can win this race. We all believe it. We’ve got a great combination and great equipment. We just need to come out and get the job done.”