JR Fitzpatrick Prepared to make the most of Flamboro Speedway Appearance this Saturday

JR Fitzpatrick

AYR, ON – With mere weeks remaining until the first round of the APC United Late Model Series season, reigning tour champion JR Fitzpatrick will blow the proverbial dust off of his program this Saturday as part of Flamboro Speedway’s 2019 season opener.

“We’ve been cooped up all Winter – there’s no chance this team would be able to wait another couple of weeks to go racing with the (APC United Late Model Series) tour,” laughs Fitzpatrick. “Flamboro was home for a long time and it still means a lot to me. Whenever I’m able to fit it into our schedule I usually jump at the chance to race there.”

Fitzpatrick spent the 2018 season as Ontario’s defacto Pro Late Model measuring stick and knows that his 2019 season will not be without a number of challengers eager to take his place at the top of the division.

“I can’t remember a time when our equipment was this good and our car was working as well as it did (in 2018,” smiles the second-generation racer. ”As a team we’re as good as we’ve ever been. I’m excited to come out this weekend and remind ourselves of just how good we can be when we’re on our A-Game.”

“We know the rest of these teams are going to come with their best stuff this Saturday and every other Saturday for the rest of the year,” adds Fitzpatrick. “We’re hoping for it.”

“It’s a privilege to be able to race against other teams that motivate you and push you to your limits. Having the rest of these teams working to beat us is only going to help us get our program to the best level.”

On the topic of strategy for Saturday’s event, Fitzpatrick hints that anyone looking to get to the front will be competing against the track every bit as much as they’ll be competing against the drivers around them.

“Flamboro’s reputation of being tough on equipment and hard to pass is well-earned. You have to have the patience to save your tires and brakes but you also have to that instinct to go when you see something open up.”

“You’re walking a tightrope the entire time you’re on the track,” continues Fitzpatrick. “The track can be as racey as anywhere else in the province. If you can save your stuff for the end, you’ll be in a good spot.”
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