JR Fitzpatrick Has ‘New Life’ Entering Flamboro APC Series Event


J.R. Fitzpatrick APC Peterborough SpeedwayCAMBRIDGE, ON – Following a season-high 11th place finish in Round 4 of the APC United Late Model Series season at Delaware Speedway on July 1st, JR Fitzpatrick will roll into Round 5 at Flamboro Speedway this Saturday with renewed focus and vigor as his Marvin Freiburger—owned operation continues to chase their first career series podium.

“Our Delaware performance was encouraging for our whole team,” says Fitzpatrick. “That was our first finish on-track – which is something we needed real bad”.

“We’ve been working hard all year and we’ve been just waiting for something positive,” adds the former NASCAR champion. “That’s what Delaware represented for us”.

When asked of his team’s chances entering Flamboro, Fitzpatrick remains calm and confident, as he offers his feelings of having his back against the wall after a rocky start to his 2017 campaign.

“Flamboro’s a place at which I’ve always performed well at,” says the second-generation racer. “It fits my style. I’ve never had a problem getting up on the wheel to win a race – and that’s exactly what you have to do at Flamboro”.

“I feel like I have something to prove again,” continues Fitzpatrick, “I haven’t felt like this since I was 16. I’m ready to walk into [Flamboro] and do my best to remind people just what I can do behind the wheel of a race-car”.

And while it’s clear his season has not begun the way he and his team had hoped for – Fitzpatrick remains grateful to have the chance to compete with the best-of-the-best that Ontario has to offer.

“Above all else I’m just happy to have the opportunity to be racing,” comments Fitzpatrick. “The number of guys that get to do this gets smaller and smaller every year”.

“My focus is on making the most of my time in this sport while I’m still here,” adds the fan favourite. “Our whole team has new life after Delaware. We’re ready to get after it this weekend”.

Photo credit to Jim Clarke