Jordan Latimer Riding Wave of Momentum Following Breakout 2017 Season

Jordan Latimer
COLDWATER, ON – After turning heads with his first career Sunset Speedway feature win in 2017, rising star Jordan Latimer is more ready than ever to return to fulltime Ltd. Late Model competition in 2018 to continue making a name for his family-run team.

“Last year was absolutely the best season we’ve ever had with the Late Model,” says Latimer. “With everything that we accomplished through the year, we definitely have more knowledge and a way better understanding going into 2018.”

“I’m really excited to see how much more we can do with our car and where we stack up against the rest of the roster,” adds the former Super Stock standout. “We’ve never been more confident as a team”

For much of the 2017 campaign, Latimer managed to seemingly outperform his team’s modest budget, consistently challenging those within the upper echelon of the division before notching his first ever speedway victory late in the season.

“I think we’ve been able to show people that it’s still possible to do a lot with a little – and that you don’t necessarily need the biggest budget to run at the front,” explains the Coldwater, ON native. “I really can’t give Kevin Reynolds [from RIM Mechanical] enough credit for all that he’s done for us. We wouldn’t have had the season that we did without him being there to consult with us.”

When asked of his aspirations for 2018, Latimer insists that his team is eager to concentrate on battling for wins night-in and night-out – but aren’t completely taking their sights off of the division championship.

“My family has always taught me not to get too wrapped up in the points and where you are in the standings because it can be a serious distraction,” says Latimer.

“But – I really believe that our team is capable of contending for a championship this season. We’re just going to unload with our best stuff every Saturday and try to race for wins every time we’re on track. If we can do that – the points will take care of themselves.”

“I expect the division to be just as tough – if not tougher – than it’s been the last three years,” continues the third-generation racer. “But, that’s why we love racing at Sunset. We want to challenge ourselves against the best guys in this division. We’re excited to fight for wins this year and do what we can to be in the mix for the championship.”