Jordan Latimer Chasing First Career Multiple Win Season in Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model Division

Jordan Latimer
COLDWATER, ON – Soft-spoken favourite Jordan Latimer captured headlines last August with a first career Sunset Speedway Ltd. Late Model feature win. Now – heading into the 2018 campaign – Latimer is more than ready to get back to work and build on the success generated last season.

“Our goal is to come out and win a bunch of races this year,” says Latimer as he flashes a smile. “I’m not overly worried about points and how the standings end up shaking out. I’m way more interested in establishing this team as a weekly threat and to add to our win totals.”

“When we broke through [last August] – I knew that it was just the start of something bigger,” adds the former Super Stock division standout. “It was an amazing feeling – and it’s something that we want to do again and again in 2018. We’re excited about how good we can be this season”

While his experiences on-track have boosted Latimer’s confidence entering his third full Ltd. Late Model season, so too have his experiences and personal reflection off-track.

“We have a better mindset coming into this season than we ever have before – and I think that’s going to be a massive difference-maker for us,” explains the third-generation star.

“I feel more comfortable in my role as a driver. I know what my team expects of me and I’m getting a lot better at getting them the feedback they need to give me a better car every week”

Sunset has long boasted one of the most wildly talented Ltd. Late Model rosters in the province, and Latimer most certainly hopes that the trend continues into the 2018 season.

“I hope that the competition is as good this year as it’s ever been,” says Latimer. “We want to beat the best possible guys in the division. We’ve never been afraid of running against the best – especially now that our program is really starting to peak”

“It’s important to me to be able to come out here week after week and show that I belong. That means more to me than any trophy or payout ever could. When the season is over, I want to make sure that the top guys on this roster are looking at me as their equal.”