Johnny Paradzinski Excited to Debut Freshly Built Mini Stock in 2018

Johnny Paradzinski
ALLISTON, ON – Multi-time Sunset Speedway feature winner Johnny Paradzinski is likely to have a full plate in 2018. In addition to a full slate of Outlaw Midget events, the former MIGHTY Division champion will unveil a brand new Mini Stock entry with a plan to enter a number of races across the province.

“My Dad and I are putting this car together with our own design,” explains Paradzinski. “It’s going to be completely different from what we’ve been racing the last two seasons. The suspension setup is all new and I think we have a motor package that can compete with the best guys in this division.”

While Paradzinski’s family-owned operation has not yet formulated a schedule for 2018, it’s their intention to be as active as possible between their two entries.

“We’re working to finish the [Mini Stock] right now so we haven’t put together a schedule yet,” notes the Alliston, ON racer. “But the plan is to do as many races as we can once it’s on track. If we’re not on the road somewhere with the [Outlaw] Midgets then we’ll have the Mini Stock somewhere.”

“I can’t see us sticking to just one speedway,” continues Paradzinski. “I think we’re going to bounce around and try and see as many different places as we can. The Great Lakes Series is something we absolutely want to be apart of. So you’ll see at Sunset and Sauble a few times for sure.”

Paradzinski credits the upstart Great Lakes Concrete Series – a six-race schedule split between Sunset Speedway and Sauble Speedway – as a chance to revive Ontario’s Mini Stock division.

“The Mini Stock division is still a work in progress to get everyone on the same page – but the series is a step in the right direction,” says Paradzinski. “I’d love to see every track on the same tire. Same rules. That’s what we should all be working towards.”

“But if we can put together a series that gets promoters talking to each other, then we’re all going to be better off. This series is good for the whole division and it’s going to have the best of the best out there with one another – that’s absolutely something that our team wants to support.”