Johnny Morrison Settling Into Role of Owner/Driver

Johnny Morrison

BARRIE, ON – Since inheriting his family-operated team from his father and team founder Rob Morrison at the conclusion of the 2017 season, 21-year old Johnny Morrison has done an admirable job of juggling the position of racer and team owner through the first half of the 2018 Sunset Speedway Super Stock campaign.
“It’s taken a little bit of getting used to just because it’s an entirely new kind of responsibility away from the track – but I’m getting better with it every week,” says Morrison.
“The smarter I race, the easier things are through the week. If you aren’t tearing stuff up, then you aren’t spending a fortune on putting the car back together and wasting time fixing stuff that shouldn’t have been wrecked in the first place.”
Morrison’s results thus far have been stellar – highlighted most recently by a 2nd place finish in weekly competition on July 7th – and he has made sure to look the part of ‘contender’ in each one of his starts made this season.
“I’ve changed my style up a little bit,” admits the second-generation racer. “I can only race within my means. So if I rack up a ton of bills with a destroyed car – then it’s going to be a while before you see me back at the speedway. Because of that, I think I’m using a lot more strategy now than I ever did before.”
“There was a long time where I would sort’ve approach things with a ‘no fear’ and ‘no second guesses’ type style,” continues Morrison. “But – that can get expensive if luck isn’t on your side. It’s just not the smart way to do things. I’ve changed the way I handle myself this year and it’s really worked out for me. I’m happy.”
It would appear as though his first win of the season could come at any time, and Morrison is committed to continuing his tireless shop schedule until it becomes a reality.
“The late nights in the shop by yourself aren’t nearly as hard when you get that reminder of why you’re there,” explains the Barrie, ON native. “I’m working towards something. I know that this car is good enough to run up front every night. I know that I’m a good enough driver to beat the rest of these guys on any given night.”
“I think a lot of people might’ve counted me out when they find out I was taking over the team,” adds Morrison. “I’m excited to keep proving them wrong. I’m just getting started. We’ve had a great start to the season but I think the second half is going to be even better.”