Johnny Morrison Returns to Super Stock Competition with Runner-Up Finish

Johnny Morrison at Sunset Speedway

BARRIE, ON – Having just returned from an early-season hiatus brought on by engine woes, perennial Super Stock contender Johnny Morrison impressed in July 8th Sunset Speedway competition with a runner-up finish – his best performance to date.

“You really can’t prepare for the kind of mechanical problems we’ve had so far,” says Morrison. “All you can do is pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get back to work. Finishing 2nd was the best medicine for us”.

“We’re out here against the absolute top guys in the province,” adds the second-generation racer, “and having success against them goes a long way”.

The second place run further showcases the potential that Morrison has displayed for several seasons, as the Barrie, ON native continues his ascent through the wildly competitive division.

“There’s not a guy out here that’s getting to the front by accident,” explains the well-spoken up-and-comer. “You have to put the time in and pay your dues and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing”.

“The mechanical [issues] are frustrating – but if we can keep this car on track I know that we’re only going to get faster”.

“My family and team have really carried us through the first half of the season,” adds Morrison. “I can’t thank them enough for the support. It was a slower start than we had hoped for but we’re stronger now than ever”.

“We were real close to winning [on Saturday] and I know that we’re just a few changes away from having something that can beat anyone on the roster”.