Johnny Morrison ‘New Car, New Goals, New Attitude ” In 2018

Johnny Morrison
BARRIE, ON – After a breakout season in 2017 that saw his low-buck family-run effort tally their first career Sunset Speedway Super Stock win, Johnny Morrison will return to action in 2018 with a new outlook on racing – and some additional responsibility as he graduates from racing for his father Rob Morrison to becoming an Owner/Driver for his own team.

“I’m taking over the operation from my Dad this year – so it’s going to be a way different experience for me,” admits the Barrie, ON racer. “We’ve never been the team to out-dollar our competition – but this season things will be tighter than ever as far as the budget is concerned. It’s going to be all about doing more with less.”

And, while Morrison hopes to put together the marketing support needed to complete the full schedule at Sunset Speedway, the second-generation racer insists his goals will revolve more around victory lane than the division’s points standings.

“As much as I hope we’ll be able to stretch things out for the whole year – nothing is guaranteed,” explains Morrison. “So we’re just out to give it everything we have every single night. Because, realistically, every Saturday could be our last race of the year.”

“We can’t have the attitude that we’re there to get along with everyone. That’s just not reality. We’re not coming to make friends – we’re going to bring our own with us. I’m going to be as exciting as I can every weekend – it’s going to be something that these fans are going to want to keep their eyes on.”

There’s no question that Sunset’s Super Stock division is as deep now as it’s ever been – but Morrison is ready for the challenge.

“I mean, yah, the division is full of tough guys – but we’re really tough too,” says Morrison. “This is a division where you’re going to be rewarded for the effort you put in. If your shop hours are missing – then you don’t have any business being at the front of that field.”

“We aren’t going to be outworked by anyone in this division,” continues Morrison. “And that’s just the way it is. No matter what kind’ve money these other teams are working with – they’re gonna know that we’re out there with them. We aren’t an easy pass for anyone.”

“I’m very excited to get this season underway, I would like to say thank you to every single sponsor , on the car,crew member and supporter I have , None of this would be possible with out you.”