Johnny Morrison Breaks Through for First Career Super Stock Victory

Johnny Morrison Feature Win at Sunset Speedway 2017
BARRIE, ON – After seasons chock-full of close calls, second-generation star Johnny Morrison captured his first ever Sunset Speedway victory in dominant fashion on July 15th – leading all 30-laps of NASCAR Super Stock feature competition to put an emphatic mark on a memorable evening.

“This is exactly what we’ve been working towards for the last five years,” exclaimed Morrison post-race. “It’s an incredible feeling. We’ve been so close to a win for so long – I’m so happy we’re here right now. This team deserves this and I’ve wanted to bring it back to them for a long time”.

The son of former Sunset Speedway competitor Rob Morrison, Johnny has worked tirelessly to acclimate himself to the wildly competitive Super Stock division and has improved drastically with each passing season.

Now, with his first career triumph still fresh in his memory, Morrison is ready to begin the process of working towards victory number two.

“Everyone has always told me that the first is the hardest to get – so hopefully that means we can get on a roll now,” said the second-generation standout. “This car is the best piece I’ve ever driven. We’re good enough as a team to get back here again and we’re going to go home, unload and find a way to get even faster so we can win our second feature”.

As his family-run team worked to load their familiar No. 83 at the end of the race night, Morrison made sure to heap praise upon the Super Stock division that has helped to develop him from a short track novice to a perennial contender that has often been referred to as one of the true blue-chip prospects on the Sunset roster.

“I can’t think of another division in Ontario that could teach you as much as this one can,” offered Morrison. “There’s so much talent and so many hungry guys out here that it’s sink or swim every single week”.

“You can learn a ton from that kind of insane pressure every time you do your belts up. I’ve come a long way since our first race and I’m still picking things up every single Saturday.”