John Cadman Sees 2018 as ‘Make or Break’ Year for Ontario Super Late Model Racing

John Cadman

SMITHVILLE, ON – As the state of Ontario Super Late Model racing continues to stand out as a topic of conversation in short track circles, division staple John Cadman did not mince words when asked his thoughts on what 2018 means for the fastest full-bodied racecars in the province.

“I don’t think there’s been a more pivotal time for [Ontario] Super Late Model than right now,” offered Cadman. “Look at the last two seasons. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that things are in a rocky place right now. If every team in the province doesn’t come together to support this division in 2018 then we might not have a division left to support.”

The focus has turned to a small group who is in the midst of formulating a new mini-series for the popular division that will include speedways across Ontario.

“This is a make or break year for Super Late [Model] racing and I think everyone getting involved again is a good thing. Everyone involved is putting together a great schedule and better purses than ever before. We want to generate interest and hype for this product. I’m excited to be a part of what he has planned.”

The yet-to-be-named series will be comprised of 9 events across the province that will include increased payouts and will culminate in a series championship that will pay an impressive points fund throughout the field.

For Cadman, he hopes the formation of a new series will serve as a rallying cry to teams all across Ontario to step forward and work to save the struggling division.

“I’m hoping that guys will open their eyes and see how much is being done to try and save this class,” explained the well-spoken second-generation driver. “We need to all work together to make sure this class flourishes the way it deserves to. It can’t just be a handful of guys putting in the effort – we’re all responsible for this.”

“The car counts and quality of racing needs to improve,” continued Cadman. “And that’s not going to happen without every driver and every team. There are a lot of guys with Super Late Models in their shops that talk about loving this division – hopefully we see all of them come out and support it in 2018. I know I’ll be there.”