John Cadman “Prepared and Excited ” To Get 2017 Racing Season Started

John Cadman
Smithville , ON – Veteran Super Late Model racer John Cadman Jr. will return to Sunset Speedway this Saturday and Sunday for the opening round of the 2017 Fast Eddie Racewear Super Late Model Series.

The 75-lap feature will headline Sunset’s annual ‘Spring Velocity’ weekend and will kickstart Cadman’s second season back behind the wheel after an extended layoff.

“Our 2016 season was as much about getting comfortable again and blowing off the rust as it was about anything else,” explains Cadman.

“The sport has advanced so much in the decade we had been gone and we needed to take every opportunity to catch up. And, after all the gains that we made, I really believe we’ve regained our footing and we’re ready to hit the ground running in 2017”

While Cadman opened his 2016 conservatively, his No. 71 continued to gain steam throughout Sunset’s Super Late Model mini-series, a pattern that Cadman hopes to resume this season.

“Finishing strong through the last few events of 2016 was huge for us,” notes the veteran. “Overall, we were proud of the results we put together last year. It gave us the motivation to get back in the shop over the winter and invest the time that we knew we needed to. We didn’t spare any effort in getting ready for 2017”

On the topic of this weekend’s Spring Velocity event, Cadman exudes confidence that his team will be capable of challenging for a spot at the front of the field to open their pursuit of the 2017 championship.

“When you only have a 5 race season you really don’t have the luxury of a bad outing,” says Cadman. “We don’t have any mulligans this year. We don’t have any throwaways. We have to be at our best every time we unload”

“There are no doubts in my mind that we can run door-to-door with anyone on this roster,” adds the Hamilton, ON native confidently. “This team can go. We can compete. We have a great car and an even better group of guys”

“This car was a pleasure to drive last season and I can’t wait to see how it responds after all the work we invested this winter,” continues Cadman. “A strong start at the [Spring] Velocity is vital. We’re ready to put this car at the front and send a message to the rest of the division.”

Make sure your in attendance this Sunday at Sunset Speedway, To catch the 71c, Bristol RV and Gulf Stream Coach, Newly wrapped and Revamped Machine go to work for 75 Laps.