John Cadman Pining for Some Gold at Flamboro Speedway’s “Gold Rush”

John Cadman 2017

After showing considerable Speed and Podium finish after podium finish so far thru out the 2017 racing season at multiple tracks, John Cadman has the 71c dialed in and is in search of some Gold.

“This car has just gotten better and better every single time we take it off the trailer,” says Cadman. “It’s been a fantastic piece all along. Ever since we debuted with it last season.”

“I’ve just been working to bring my skillset up to where our program’s potential is. Right now, we’re at a place where the driver has caught up to the car, and that’s real exciting.”

Cadman knows that his path to a first career “Gold Rush” win will head straight through some of the most dominant Super Late Model drivers in the province. Guys Like, Brandon Watson, 4-time OSCAAR champion Glenn Watson ,perennial contender Derrick Tiemersma , Pete Shepherd III and Last year’s winner Andrew Gresel.

“I think every guy on this roster knows that you just can’t unload at Flamboro with anything less than your absolute best,” says the Smithville, ON product.

“It’s such a lion’s den out there. These guys are true professionals that take their craft seriously. So, if you aren’t taking your program seriously, you may as well stay home.”

Following a hiatus from competition that saw him take to the sidelines for over a decade, Cadman knows that returning to his status as a weekly contender is a long term project. However, after returning over a year and a half ago, he seems more than ready to broker his first triumph.

“I understand that coming back after a long time off is a bit of a process,” admits Cadman. “I’m not trying to rush things. I know that it’s important to let it run its course – but I feel like the rust is all the way shaken off.”

“I’m ready to win and so is my team,” continues the second-generation racer. “We’re coming into Monday ready to take what’s given to us and adjust as the night goes on. As long as we make the intelligent decisions that I know we can, we have a program that can be a factor all night long.”