John Cadman Looking Forward to ‘Long Run’ at Kawartha

John Cadman OSCAAR SLM 2017
SMITHVILLE, ON – After a pair of top-3 outings in OSCAAR Super Late Model twin-25 competition last Saturday at Flamboro Speedway, John Cadman will return to action this Friday, June 2nd the tour hits Kawartha Speedway for the first time since August 2014.

“I love big tracks and longer races – so this Friday is something I’ve been looking forward to for months,” smiles Cadman. “I love the way you can feel these cars start to change over the course of a run”

“A 50-lap trip around Kawartha is going to feel like a chess match, because what you have on lap-1 isn’t going to be anywhere close to what you have on lap-49”

Cadman wastes little time explaining that Friday’s 50-lap contest will conform to his style more than the 25-lap dash format that OSCAAR implement at Flamboro.

“I was real happy with how our car felt at Flamboro – we were really, really fast,” says Cadman. “We just had to work through a bit of a curveball when the decision was made to run twin-25s. Short races are entirely different”

“When you put a 25-lap race up against our normal 50-lap races – it’s not the same,” adds the veteran.

“I’m not a short run, stab and grab kind of driver. Those races don’t fit my style. I had to overcome that and I feel like it had a definite impact on our finishes”

Friday’s race will not only mark OSCAAR’s first time back at the Fraserville, ON facility in over two years but also Cadman’s first Super Late Model start on the spacious 3/8-mile oval.

“As far as I’m concerned, Kawartha is the perfect speedway for these cars,” insists the well-spoken veteran. “We’re going to have the chance to open these things up in a way that we just can’t anywhere else”

“It’s going to be a huge test. There’s no excuses at a place like Kawartha. At the end of the night, we’re all going to know who had the best equipment and who made the best decisions”

And, with a pair of top-3 performances in his back pocket, it would seem as though Cadman will enter this weekend’s event with a much-deserved swagger.

“Two podiums at Flamboro was a big accomplishment for this team,” smiles the Smithville, ON driver. “That gives us a ton of confidence walking into this Friday night”

“I’ve been saying since last year that we have a fantastic car and a fantastic team. Hopefully now, everyone else can start seeing that too”

“Kawartha is just our next opportunity,” adds Cadman. “It’s our next chance to show everyone else on this roster that we belong with the elite in this division.” Photo credit to Debbie Zardo