Jesse Kennedy Already Counting The Day Until Jukasa Return

Jesse Kennedy
SOUTHWOLD, ON – Veteran Jesse Kennedy has won just about every big Pro Late Model race that Ontario has to offer – but this summer the multi-time Delaware Speedway champion will try his hand at a brand new event that is sure to garner the interest of top level teams from across the province: September 3rd’s $25,000-to-win Canadian Nationals.

“We’re not totally sure how many races we’re doing this season, but [Jukasa Motor Speedway] is definitely the event we’re most looking forward to right now,” says Kennedy. “$25,000 is as much as we’re ever going to race for – so obviously that’s exciting all on its own. But, even more than that, we’re looking forward to seeing just how many top-tier racers this is going to bring out.”

A longtime fan favourite and veteran of Late Model competition, Kennedy credits the current health of the Pro Late Model division and the vision of Jukasa Motor Speedway’s front office for making the Canadian Nationals a reality.

“Pro Late Model racing is solid right now and Jukasa [Motor Speedway] is the most amazing facility in the province,” explains ‘The Big Game Hunter’. “The level of competition and the car count right now has made it a real exciting time to be a part of this division. Races like this are only going to help the sport grow in the next few years.”

And, while most drivers might consider a 200-lap event to be a daunting proposition, Kennedy is up for the challenge.

“A 200-lap race means endurance – both mental and physical,” says Kennedy. “You need to make sure you’re prepared from the moment that trailer door comes down. If you can do that – and then take care of your equipment – you’re going to have a shot at the win when those laps start to matter.”