Jeremy McLean Set for Sophomore OSCAAR Hot Rod Series Effort in 2019

Jeremy McLean

NORTH BAY, ON – After having referred to his 2018 rookie season as one of the single most enjoyable experiences of his short track racing tenure, it should certainly come as no surprise that former Mini Stock competitor Jeremy McLean has spent his off-season ensuring that his race team will be ready to run the entirety of the 2019 campaign.

“If we were racing anything this season it was going to be a (OSCAAR) Hot Rod,” says McLean. “The year that we had (in 2018) was some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life.”

“I’ve never had a season where I’ve enjoyed every moment until we rolled that Hot Rod our last Spring. The good nights and the bad nights that we’ve had – I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

And, while the 2018 season came with some anticipated growing pains, McLean is confident that the team is ready for a sizeable step forward in 2019.

“I could fill a few notebooks with everything we learned last year,” explains the North Bay, ON racer. “We knew that we were in for a learning experience – but I don’t think we had any idea of just how much we were going to be taking in over the course of a season.”

“We picked this car up from Jason Legge we know this chassis as won a lot of races, so we knew that we were working with a good piece right from jump street,” adds McLean. “It’s just been a process of wrapping our hands around this car’s setup and getting to understand what we need to do to improve and find speed on race day.”

McLean is not ready to set any type of expectation for his low-budget outfit this season, though he makes it clear that the goal is for his familiar No. 88 to run within the top-3 before the end of his sophomore year.

“I’m not the type to draw a line in the sand and say “We need to do this if we want to be happy with our season”,” voiced McLean, “but I would absolutely love to be able to come out and contend for podiums on a regular basis.”

“Guys like Dan Archibald and Tyler Hawn have set the bar real high for what it takes to succeed on this tour. We have a long way to go to hit what I think is our potential with this car but we’re ready to keep putting in the effort to get there.”