Jason Parker Set to Defend Home Turf as APC United Late Model Series Heads for Sauble this Saturday

Jason Parker 2017

PORT ELGIN, ON – Longtime Ltd. Late Model standout Jason Parker will enter this Saturday’s Beat the Heat 100 looking for his first career APC United Late Model Series victory.

The 100-lap event, contested at Parker’s home track, will match the multi-time Sauble feature winner against the cream of the crop of Pro Late Model talent.

‘’If I had to pick one race that we’ve had circled more than any other on our schedule this year – it’s Saturday,’’ says Parker with a smile. ‘’I think the boys and I have been readying ourselves for this one since there was snow on the ground”.

“It’s a big deal for us,” adds the JP Motorsports representative. “The tour’s coming to our backyard and we want to make sure that we show up with nothing less than our best stuff. Trust me, with all of the work we’re putting in to prepare, we’re going to be real tough to beat at home”.

Parker and his team have labored through much of the season to date, combating a spate of mechanical issues as part of his most frustrating year with the cross-province tour since its 2015 inception.

‘’2017 hasn’t been much of a dream year for us on this tour – but we know a win at home on Saturday can turn that around pretty quick,’’ offers the multi-time Sauble Speedway champion.

“We’re going to unload on Saturday like we have something to prove, because we really feel like we do. We’re good enough at Sauble to beat anybody – and we’re looking forward to proving that”.

With his team’s long history of impressive performances at ‘the Beach’, Parker does not mince words when outlining what he expects of his Prestige Contracting-sponsored outfit on Saturday night.

‘’You might hear a lot of guys on this roster that are chasing points come out and say that they’re just looking to survive Sauble with a top-10 – that’s not what we’re looking for,’’ laughs ‘The New Age Punisher’. ‘’We’re setting the bar a lot higher”.

“We’re coming out looking to have the absolute best performance possible. We’re at home in front of our sponsors, our family and our friends and that means a lot to us. Anything less than a win on Saturday will be a disappointment”.