Jason Parker Ready for Flamboro Speedway Challenge

Jason Parker
PORT ELGIN, ON – APC United Late Model Series champion hopeful Jason Parker will head to Flamboro Speedway this Saturday for Round 2 of the tour’s 2017 schedule.

“I have all the confidence in the world in this team no matter where we race,” says Parker. “You’ll never catch me saying that I don’t think our team has a chance to win the week before a race. We’re good enough to contend anywhere in the province”.

“We’ve got a pretty good baseline for Flamboro,” adds the veteran. “The plan is to start out with what’s worked for us there in the past and then adjust on the fly”

Parker last saw APC Series action at Flamboro last August with a 5th place finish. When asked his expectations entering this Saturday’s 100-lap contest, ‘The New Age Punisher’ made it known how difficult the bullring can be.

“In my experience, Flamboro will either make you feel like a complete hero – or you’ll regret having ever hooked the trailer to your truck that morning,” laughs Parker. “There’s not much in between. So, hopefully, we can come out in one piece with a podium finish”.

“I think if we can all exercise some patience we should be OK,” adds the former Velocity 250 winner. “We’ve had tour races at Flamboro that have torn up a lot of equipment before, but I think we’ve come a long way since then”.

“Flamboro relies on give-and-take racing more than just about any other track in Ontario. As long as guys aren’t trying to outcrash and outspend one another in the first 20-laps we should be OK”.

The multi-time Sauble Speedway champion has not yet experienced APC Series victory lane, however that stat has done little to extinguish his confidence.

“We’re a handful for anyone to deal with,” reiterates Parker. “If we can string together a good lap in qualifying then there is absolutely no chance we can’t win this thing on Saturday. It’s just going to be all about putting together that complete day from start to finish”.